For Graduates and Students

Our company runs a systematic work in engaging best graduates from specialized universities so they complete their traineeship and start a career. Each year, our company hosts and participates in career counselling events for students. A graduate or an undergraduate can become a part of our team, should he or she possess such knowledge and personal qualities as:
  • in-depth knowledge of the core subjects (economics, finance, tax reporting and accounting, statistics, law)
  • English proficiency – Intermediate or higher
  • MS Office users, profound Excel knowledge
  • analytical skills, fast learner
  • developed communication skills and desire to become a part of the team of professionals
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Professional development of our personnel is among our key priorities at Kreston Sri Lanka. Our company has developed and successfully implemented a career development system. Each new employee knows and understands the type of knowledge and skills he should have to move to the next step in their career. At Kreston Sri Lanka, there are many examples of successful leaders who started their career path as a junior. We value and motivate our employees, who seek professional development and these employees constitute the driving force and sustainability factor that ensure the success of our business as well.
In response to the internship and traineeship program, as well as the programs for entry-level junior officers, we also have programs for development of Hard and Soft skills, which comprise:
  • introduction to the occupation
  • case studies
  • development of communicative, team and individual skills
Our staff is the strategic resource of our company and that is why special care is given to the training and development matters. We make all possible efforts not only to enable you extending your professional knowledge but also developing personal qualities required every day at your work. Each operation area of our company has a training plan aligned with your career ladder and strategic objectives. Main units:
  • Professional Training and Certification
  • Business Skills
  • Management Competencies
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